2019 Year in Review

  • A mayfly

Well, we've done it again - completed another season of work and decided to write about it.

You can find our 2019 Year in Review (.pdf) here.

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"Much has happened at the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program, which is
currently composed of biologist Dylan Cipkowski, anthropologist Anna Duhon,
technician Kendrick Fowler, botanist Claudia Knab-Vispo and wildlife ecologist Conrad

In addition to the research and outreach described below, we have taken first steps
towards converting the Creekhouse into an eventual “field station,” which will serve not
only as a continued base for our research and educational programs, but also as a space
that attracts visitors through intriguing, stimulating exhibits and workshops. The Vispo
family has moved out of the building and the upper floor is now dedicated to office/lab
space for our growing staff and collections. Throughout the year, we have gone on
several learning journeys to a variety of museums, and consulted with groups and
individuals to begin envisioning the kind of public space, activities, and exhibits most
appropriate for the space available and for the audience we hope to serve. We decided to
focus our efforts in the coming year on the creation of a butterfly house, on a 3D
topographic model of Columbia County onto which we can project stories, and on
making the native plant garden more accessible."


If you want to learn more, please download our report (.pdf).