Agroecology as Faith--Thoughts on Farming With and For Nature

  • Bobolink in a hayfield.

We are excited to share a new article by Conrad Vispo published in "From the Ground Up," an online publication of conversations about conservation, climate, and communities in New England. The article begins:

"Lest the title immediately put you off, let me explain that it is not meant to be demeaning of either agroecology or religion. Rather, my point is that, as with our lives, making sense of something as complex as an agrarian landscape that works ecologically and also socioeconomically requires not just observation but also faith. It is a path as much as a fixed outcome. Science is one guide along that path, but so too is collaboration and a vision of how the world works that must extend beyond peer-reviewed scientific articles, that must be both more parochial and more global in worldview." READ MORE