Map and Directory of Public Natural Areas in Columbia County: A New Online Resource

  • Map of Publicly Accessible Natural Areas in Columbia County

We invite you to check out the digital version of the Map and Descriptions of 57 Columbia County Public Natural Areas.

The map (which will be included in our upcoming Field Guide) and descriptions (only available online!) build and expand on Columbia County Outdoors: A Guide to Recreational Areas in Columbia County, NY by Sheldon Evans, published in 2012 (currently out of print) and other resources provided by the Columbia Land Conservancy. It includes a lot of new information we have compiled and will periodically be updated online.

We hope the map and descriptions of public natural areas will serve as a stand-alone resource for anybody looking for a suitable place to be in nature in our county. These resources will also serve as a companion to the Field Guide for anybody looking to experience different habitats “in-person.”

If you would like to receive our end-of-year mailing, which includes the annual appeal, a printout of the map, a discounted preorder form for the Field Guide and a Field Guide sticker, which can be used as a placeholder, should you want to gift the book in advance of its release, please send Josie your mailing address.

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