Our Research on Native Meadows, Insects, and Crops at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub

  • A cluster of Squash Bees (Peponapis pruinosa) doing their job.

Our long-term applied farmscape ecology research at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub is entering its 5th year and there are several ways how you can learn more about it. A 25 minute documentary "Farmscape Ecology" by Jon Bowermaster/Oceans8 gives a beautiful introduction to some of the questions that guide our research, to the physical setting, and some of our colleagues at the Applied Farmscape Ecology Research Collaborative.

Conrad created an easy-to-read, well-illustrated description of our experimental research and first results.

More details about the native meadow establishment, maintenance, and plant community development can be found in the Native Meadow Trial Botany Report (and its appendices 1-15 and 16).

Finally, you can watch the recordings of two presentations given at two virtual FEP Open Houses in the spring of 2021, "Native Meadow Trial at the Hudson Valley Farm Hub--The botanical perspective of the first four seasons: 2017-2020" by Claudia Knab-Vispo (April 1, 2021) and "If you build it, do they come? The bugs' perspective" by Conrad Vispo, Dylan Cipkowski, and Kendrick Fowler (May 6, 2021).

We hope you find this work interesting, inspiring, and thought-provoking! We are happy to field any questions or to hear your comments. Write to us at fep@hawthornevalleyfarm.org.