• Participants in a winter ecology walk compare the winter buds on a plant specimen to those pictured in a guide.

    Winter Botany

    We are offering a series of winter ecology walks (Nov 2016 - Feb 2017; check calendar for details) as an opportunity to become more familiar with the art of identifying woody plants without their leaves. We have compiled some Winter Botany resources to help walk participants and people who are interested, but can’t come to the walks, to delve deeper into the mysteries of winter botany.

    • Conrad at the Farm Hub

    Article about Farm Hub collaboration

    An article by Dave Meyers about the Farmscape Ecology Program's work with the Hudson Valley Farm Hub that also gives a nice summary of the interchange between nature and agriculture was just posted by the Farm Hub - you can check it out HERE.

    • Farmscape Ecology Program staff

    Video of Program Description

    If you're curious to actually watch one of us try to make sense of all this, you now can, courtesy of the Cornell Horticulture Department. "Farming and Nature: Looking at it from both sides", a presentation given by Conrad Vispo in November 2013 at Cornell, is now available as an on-line video.