Columbia County Ant Guide Homepage

Welcome to our ant guide. Maybe you have collected some ants and are wanting to know who they are!

Clickable Guide to Worker Ant Genera  (In progress!)

This is only for worker ants. Worker ants are those that are not queens or males. Workers are females that do not mate. They are most likely what you will encounter when you stumble upon an ant nest.

This is similar to a dichotomous key. Once you have ID'd the genus there will be a list of species with pictures. All of them we have found in the County. You will have to click on each species to show a page with ID synopsis, distribution map, and other natural history information to help you make a species ID.

Remember, this is only a guide to Columbia County ants that we have so far collected. If you have collected ants from outside the County you may have a species we don't have. Or maybe you have collected a Columbia County ant species that we haven't found, so please let us know!

If you all ready know the genus of your ant go here.

Here are my top 5 favorite Columbia County ants (in no particular order).

Pheidole pilifera

Polyergus lucidus

Formica prociliata

Lasius murphyi

Stigmatomma pallipes


Happy anting!