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Participatory Mapping Project

Anna and Conrad gather people's favorite places through our Special Places Participatory Mapping Project - now available as an online interactive map.

The work of exploring the biology and culture of our landscape is never finished, and one in which it is always helpful to have the eyes and interest of the wider community. 

We have our Progress of the Seasons Project, where you can help us gather regional information on natural seasonal happenings.

As of 2022, FEP has an iNaturalist Project called Life in Our Farmscape: The Biodiversity of Columbia County which focuses on observations located in Columbia County, NY. This is a great way to contribute as a citizen scientist through an online and smartphone application platform that allows you to map and share observations of animals, plants, fungi, etc. 

We have a list of ongoing projects in which we are actively seeking your help, whether through the pinning of favorite places onto our interactive map or sharing your land perceptions with us in an interview.