Current Project Requests


***We are working on updating project requests, here are some examples of past projects.


Past Project Requests:

  • Special Places Mapping Project - We are collecting people's favorite places in the County - we'd love to include yours!  Visit our interactive Special Places Map where you can add your favorite places for views, hiking, birding, fishing, etc.!
  • Long-term Resident Stories – Did you grow up in Columbia County?  Have you lived here for more than 20 years?  We are conducting interviews with long-term residents about their experience of the landscape in the County over time, and would love to talk to you about your stories, or hear of someone you think we should talk to.  Please contact Anna Duhon at (518) 672-7994 or by email.
  • Land User “Places of Importance” Photos and Stories – Do you have significant interaction with the land through your work or hobbies (e.g. hunting, farming, fishing, logging, tracking, wildcrafting, etc.?)  We are looking for people with significant land experience to take photos of their “places of importance” on the landscape and tell us about them.  We can provide cameras.  If you are interested in learning more about this project, please contact Anna Duhon at (518) 672-7994 or by email.
  • Butterfly, Dragonfly and Damselfly Photos/Observations – We are looking to gather community photos and observations of butterflies, dragonflies and damselflies for our Butterflies and Dragonflies and Damselflies pages.  If you have any photos or observations that you would like to share, please contact Conrad Vispo at (518) 672-7994 or by email.
  • New Farms -- During the New Farmer Narrative Project we created a map of new farms in Columbia County (farms that were started within the last 10 years).  The farming landscape changes quickly, so if you know of any new farms that we have not included, please use our new farm form to let us know!
  • We might be looking at the distribution of the 17-year Cicada or the first occurrences of different plants or animals in different parts of the County each spring.  Through the Living Land Project, we’ll also be gathering specific types of land stories from people, and occasionally seeking feedback, thoughts, comments or survey responses through the website.