Ecological Mapping

One way to better get to know a piece of land and its inhabitants, and to balance human needs with those of other creatures, is to create an ecological map that delineates relatively homogeneous habitats. Each of these habitat units can then be inventoried for its plants and animals, and balanced management options can be considered for each unit.

Example of a Habitat Map.


We have created ecological maps (ArcGIS) for public conservation areas, farms, and other private properties. Examples of these maps are compiled in Site-specific Ecological Descriptions. We are available to map an area of your interest, to conduct the associated species inventories, and/or to research the land’s history. The cost of these services depends on the size of the property, its ecological diversity and the depth of information requested. Please call (518) 672-7994 or email to schedule a site visit. We will provide you with a quote once we understand the scope of the project and your specific interests.