Hawthorne Valley Land Use Committee

This page is meant to provide access to various resources useful to the work of the Hawthorne Valley Land Use Committee. This Committee is currently in its formative stages, and so the first document being posted here is a draft description of the Committee. One of the first tasks of the Committee will be to refine this document and present it to the IMG for approval.


  1. Draft Description of the Hawthorne Valley Land Use Committee (PDF).
  2. Bullet-point Description of the Land Use Committee's Purveiw (PDF)
  3. Map of HVA properties, including their designations under the existing conservation easement with CLC (JPG)
  4. A series of questions assembled during consideration of a Hawthorne Valley solar orchard.
  5. A Sept 2015 'getting-back-up-to-speed' summary for the IMG of current projects.
  6. 2016 HVA Forest Management Plan