Land Biographies

Similar to “House Histories”, we offer to research the history of a piece of land. This involves a combination of deed searches, inspection of historical aerial photos, and gathering of field evidence to reconstruct as best as possible the land use history of a given piece of land. Does it contain a stand of “ancient forest” that was likely never completely cleared for agriculture? Which were the first areas to be cleared for farming, which ones the last to be abandoned by the farmer? Which fields were intensively cultivated, and which might have seen more extensive management as pasture or wild hay?

Example of a Land Biography

Combined with ecological mapping and species inventories, the study of the land history can provide even more depth to the understanding of where a given piece of land has come from, how it has been treated, and how that influences who lives on the land today. It also gives more depth to considerations of management options designed to balance human needs with those of native plants and animals.

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