Local Plants and Animals

The Farmscape Ecology Program has spent over a decade compiling information on the location and distribution of a wide range of native species.  Some of this information comes from work that has been done in the past, such as the detailed Flora of Columbia County that was completed by botanist Rogers McVaugh based on fieldwork he conducted in the County in the 1930s.  We have also added many observations from our own fieldwork in the fields and forests of Columbia County, and have compiled links to useful field guides, internet sources and the like. 

If you are interested in further exploring Columbia County‚Äôs Plants and Animals, below are the links to the webpages where we have compiled information on different groups of organisms.  So far, we have information related to: 

Plants  - including an updated species list

Butterflies - lists, ID materials, and lepidopteran ponderings.

Moths - under construction, but we're getting there... really.

Dragonflies and Damselflies (Odonates) - including our Columbia County species list

Ground Beetles - including our current Columbia County species list

Ants - including our current Columbia County species list and a guide to common ants.

Native Bees - including a list of bees found in floodplains and farms of Columbia County.

Fish - a pictoral introduction to some of our smaller stream fish.

Amphibians and Reptiles - a brief survey of who's who in the neighborhood.

Mammals - the history of our larger, local mammals.