New Farmer Narrative Project

The New Farmer Narrative Project is driven by stories. There is a dominant understanding of the state of agriculture as a vocation in decline, but there is a new story to be told. There are new farms sprouting up all over the country, and this is especially true in Columbia County. Through a set of interviews and surveys conducted in 2012 with people who have started farms in the last ten years, this project portrays new journeys into agriculture.

Journeys into Farming Exhibit

This project has been primarily presented through the Journeys Into Farming exhibit.  This traveling 17-panel exhibit profiles 20 new Columbia County farmers.  Through photographs of the farmers and their land, and through storytelling in the farmers' own words, you can follow each of their journeys into farming.  To learn more about these farms and see panels from this exhibit, click here

The exhibit also includes a general overview of the project and new farmers based on survey results, and a map of new farms in Columbia County.  The map is continously being revised as we discover more new farms in the County.  Please let us know of new farms (started within the last 10 years) in Columbia County that we have not yet included by entering this information on our new farm form or sending us an email.

The exhibit was on display at 9 different venues throughout the County in the spring and summer of 2012.  If you'd like to inquire about the exhibit or view high quality PDFs of the posters, please email Anna Duhon.