Plant and Animal Identification

Intern Kate Foley identifies a pressed fern specimen collected at High Falls Conservation Area in 2013.

We offer a free service to help with the identification of (a reasonable amount of) specimens or photos of plants and animals observed in Columbia County. Please bring them to Open House at the Creekhouse (1075 Harlemville Road, Ghent NY) on first Thursdays each month, 6-8pm or make an appointment to have us look at them. Alternatively, you may send images by email and we might be able to help out remotely.  Finally, please let us know by email if you have posted a photo on our interactive map of plant and animal observations that you would like help identifying, and we'll take a look.

If you require help with a large amount of identifications, depending on what it is, we might be able to do it, but might have to charge a fee. Please feel free to contact us at (518) 772-7994 or by email to discuss possibilities.

Technician Kyle Bradford is identifying and cataloging ant specimens.