Plant and Animal Observations in Columbia County, NY

Have you seen a particularly interesting bird passing through?  Or an unusual looking plant?  Do you have a photo of a species you would like to share or see identified?

We welcome any photos or observations that might add to our understanding of the location and distribution of native plants and animals.  Below is an interactive online map where such plant and animal observations and photos can be added directly.

Map Instructions: To add a plant or animal observation or photo, click the large "+" button in the upper right hand corner of the map and fill out the short form, annotated below with additional instructions and reminders. Please Note: We are still perfecting our online mapping capabilities.  Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Screen Shot of Add Form

A few map notes:

  • For sensitive observations where a precise location would not be appropriate, please email us directly.
  • The form asks for name and contact information so that we can follow up if we have questions on your entry; this information will not be shared or otherwise used.
  • If you need help identifying a species whose photo you have added or if you're not sure how to post your observation, then just drop us an email.