Need-based Scholarship for Farmscape Ecology Program Learners/Student Interns

Successful applicants for the learnership/student internships have the opportunity to apply for a need-based scholarship (up to $500/month) to supplement the basic stipend of $1,500/month.

Please only apply for this scholarship if you expect your basic monthly expenses (including student loan payments and savings needed to enable future education) during the internship period to exceed $1,500/month. This could be because you financially support someone in addition to yourself, because you have debt beyond student loans, because you cannot rely on financial support from family members, or for other reasons. We trust you to be honest in your assessment of your economic reality.

If you feel you qualify for the scholarship, please send us a brief paragraph stating why your basic monthly expenses will exceed $1,500/month during the learnership/student internship and what scholarship amount (up to $500/month) would enable you to accept the position.