Sean's Wildlife Pictures

This page is a showcase for pictures taken by motion-sensitive cameras (camera traps) located in different locations around Hawthorne Valley Farm. I am showing these pictures so people who
are interested can see what sort of animals (like the racoon shown above) make their living around the farm and the surrounding landscape.
I will add a new set of selected photographs every week, along with some notes concerning them. To view the new sets, scroll down to the bottom of the page.

For the sake of privacy I will not include photographs of people, but be aware that some of these camera locations recieve quite a bit of human use.

I hope you enjoy looking at these pictures and that you discover something new!

Have fun!

We set the cameras up for a test run on October 18th on locations located around the West Hill
and ran them until the middle of January. I selected some of the photographs to show here.



Week 1: We have set the cameras up on Phudd Hill. Lots of deer and raccoon pictures, and a fisher. Some of the deer pictures were quite interesting.



Week 2: A grey squirrel and some neat deer pictures... two of the cameras are not taking too many pictures.



Set 3, 11 - 21 March 2013: There are two Raccoons foraging around Camera 5. Camera 5 has also photographed a Turkey. Little or no action at Camera 8 and the Bushnell.



Set 4, 21 March - 7 April, 2013: Due to some miscommunication between the field crew and camera, a lot of pictures were accidentally deleted. However, here are two photographs for you to mull over.



Set 5, 7-11 April 2013: Relatively quiet (actually, completely quiet), much to the dismay of the field crew.

Set 6, late April to the first week of May, 2013: Some deer, turkey and raccoon shots in the past two weeks.


A bashful turkey


More turkeys.


A deer.


Grazing deer.


A racoon.


Another racoon.


A deer in stealth mode.


Set 7, early to mid May: Lots of deer and a robin. Plenty of activity at each camera though. Makes us think we will see some results from our deer exclosure.


Interesting deer eyes.


Two more deer, one hard-to-see head.


A robin! (Lower right corner)