Special Places Mapping Project

Please Note: We are still perfecting our online mapping capabilities.  Please let us know if you encounter any issues.

Help us map the special places in Columbia County!  Starting last year, we've been gathering people's favorite places through a participatory mapping project conducted at community events throughout the County.  You can join in this participatory mapping project by adding your favorite places to the map below. 

Map Instructions

For each special place you would like to add, click the big '+' button at the top right corner of the map, then fill out the entry (photos are optional).  A few mapping notes:

  • The form asks for an email address so we can communicate directly with you with any follow up questions.  Your email address will not be displayed or shared.
  • To enter a point on the map, select "click on map location" on the add form, minimize the window, and use the zoom function to locate your place as precisely as you would like.  For your convenience, public recreation areas have been highlighted in green and there names will appear when you zoom in, though please don't feel limited to these areas (a favorite yard, street, stream, etc. is fine!).
  • Make sure to select the type of special place from the drop-down menu, based on what you like to do there.  If more than one category applies, choose the category that best represents why it is a special place for you, or add a second entry with the second category.  The categories are:
    • Scenic Views (leaf peeping excursions, favorite vistas, etc.)
    • Hunting/Gathering (hunting, fishing, collecting, berry picking, wild edibles, etc.)
    • Nature Observation (birding, photography, plant identification, star gazing, etc.)
    • Active Recreation (hiking, swimming, running, boating, ATV, skiing, etc.)
    • Land Management (farming, gardening, managing a woodlot, etc.; management that you do)
    • Just Being in Nature (contemplative walking, meditation, picnicing, etc.).
  • Once you have completed the entry and marked the place on the map, be sure to press the "Submit" button.