Photo: Creekhouse, the home of the Hawthorne Valley Farmscape Ecology Program


The Farmscape Ecology Program is located at Hawthorne Valley Farm in Ghent, NY in the former Hawthorn Health Clinic now called the “Creekhouse.”  We welcome visitors to our various programs and events throughout the year which you can find out about through our mailing list.

Our physical address is:

1075 Harlemville Road
Ghent, NY 12075

Putting this address into Mapquest, Google maps, or Bing Maps should get you within hollering distance. 

We are located in the NW corner of Hawthorne Valley Farm.  The building is a modern, brown saltbox with a gravel parking lot in front.  It is located on the stretch of Harlemville Road which extends between the Taconic State Parkway (to the west) and County Route 21C (to the east). 

The aerial image below indicates our location:

Aerial view showing the location of the Creekhouse.