8th Grade Volunteer
Melissa Frishkof volunteered as part of her 8th grade community service project at Hawthorne Valley School to help set up deer exclosures at Phudd Hill and to monitor the development of the vegetation protected from deer browsing compared to that accessible to deer.

We are a small team with many different projects, needs and opportunities for involvement.  If you have a talent, interest, skill or passion that you would like to share or develop in service of our place-based research and outreach, we would love to hear from you. 

Volunteers in the past have spanned many ages, from adolescents to retirees, and have contributed to our work in a wide variety of ways.  Below are a few examples of past volunteer activities, though please don’t feel limited; we are always interested in new volunteer collaborations that build on people’s unique gifts and interests.

Examples of Past Volunteer Activities

We hope volunteering with us is both enriching and enlivening.  For those interested in volunteering with our program activities, we do ask for a regular commitment to help with weekly planning.  Also, please note that the kinds of volunteer opportunities we have will shift with the season.

  • Participating in biological field inventories (see also Participate in Field Research)
  • Studying native bees
  • Researching farm and food organizations
  • Identifying bat calls
  • Mapping the local food system
  • Assembling a mosaic of historical aerial photographs
  • Helping in the native plant garden
  • Transcribing oral history interviews
  • Creating a deer exclosures and monitoring vegetation
  • Surveying community members
  • Monitoring wildlife with game cameras
  • Indexing photo database
  • Data entry
  • Hosting an event
  • Fundraising

If you are interested in volunteering, please get in touch and we can discuss what might work best for all of us.

Volunteers in the Native Plant Garden
Volunteers at work on the Native Plant Garden