Wonder Wanders

Wonder Wander journal cover

The Farmscape team began our “Wonder Wanders” in March 2020 as a way to share the beauty and inspiration found in the natural world during uncertain times.

Follow our blog or find us on Facebook to catch up on past Wonder Wanders, and to stay up to date on future ones—now happening on a weekly basis.

Here is a downloadable PDF of our Wonder Wander Nature Journal—a companion to both our Wonder Wanders, as well as our forthcoming ecological and cultural field guide to the habitats of Columbia County. To receive a hard copy of the Wonder Wander Journal along with our year-end appeal while supplies last, please email your request and address to Nellie Ostow (nostow@hawthornevalley.org).

In this nature journal, a different habitat and wonders one might find there are highlighted from December to March. Along with these wonders, we also include different, engaging prompts!

We’re also setting up self-guided Wonder Wander Walks at different Columbia County Land Conservancy (CLC) areas each of these months, in the habitats featured in our nature journal.

Stay tuned for our blog and Facebook postings that will detail the self-guided walks, and/or head directly to the CLC area during the designated time that the self-guided walk will be set up there.

As always, we look forward to hearing about what you find! And let us know if you have any questions. Have a healthy and peaceful winter!


bird feeding on berries